11 Facts about Narendra Modi that every Indian needs to know

1. Narendra Modi’s party is against homosexuality, evident by BJP’s major part in recriminalizing homosexuality.

Narendra Modi 2. Modi can move crowds with his articulate and powerful speeches, making him one of the mightiest orators the country has seen.

Narendra Modi 3. Modi’s adamancy on women’s issues is still very unclear. (Unlike Rahul Gandhi who lives for women empowerment)

Narendra Modi4. Modi is a gadget freak and loves twitter.

Narendra Modi 5. Narendra Modi will be the country’s 16th Prime Minister who would successfully get the statistical mandate to form a government.

Narendra Modi6. He has always promoted businesses and development and wants to eradicate red-tapeism.

Narendra Modi7. Modi was the Chief Minister during the 2002 Gujrat riots and is accused of doing nothing to control them.

Narendra Modi8. He’s the living embodiment of “rags to riches” as he used to sell tea for a living.

Narendra Modi9. The American government has not granted Modi a visa since 2005.

Narendra Modi

10. Modi is pro-China and admires the country.

Narendra Modi

11. He’s transcended into a cult figure in the country and is loved by masses.

Narendra Modi


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