Its Viral: 8th Class Student Stumped The RBI Governor With A Brilliant Question About Our Economic Policies

raghu ram rajan
Raghuram Rajan

The widely popular RBI governor, Raghuram Rajan was recently put in a spot by a boy named Rajas who studies in the 8th standard.

Rajan was recently addressing a group of students in Mumbai when Rajas asked him a question that couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, considering India’s current economic scenario.

Referring to the fact that the mere rumour of the US gearing up to cut down the “Federal stimulus” brought down the rupee’s value considerably, the schoolboy asked the RBI governor when will see an Indian policy affecting other countries so intensively.

While this prompted an ‘Ooh’ from a lady sitting next to the governor, Rajan’s smile betrayed him. The Central Bank governor was pleasantly surprised and braced himself smilingly to answer the boy’s question.

Raghuram Rajan


Calling Rajas’s question a “great” one, Rajan proceeded to explain how US should start taking into account the effects of its policies on the rest of the world. He further said that by the time Rajas is “old enough to get a job, we will be a significant force in the world economy. We are a country that has kept its borders relatively opened and is opening up even more. So, flows in and out will be important and will have a lot of influence on the world.”

Rajan further added that by the time Rajas is his age, India would have become “one of the two or three great economies in the world and US Central Bank governor will have to decide the kinds of policies that are appropriate for the world and not just India at that time.”

You can watch the interaction here:

We are glad that this question and answer round came to pass. Because surely as Indians, we’d want nothing more than to see India feature as one of the top economic forces in the world.

source: indiatimes

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