7 reasons why e-commerce firms like flipkart are shutting down their websites

flipkart to go app-only soon
flipkart to go app-only soon

You have been wondering whats all the fuss about websites getting shut down? Dont worry. These 7 points will be an eyeopener for you.

1. Nearly everyone has a cellphone, and smartphones are becoming commonplace, so they will claim they are just following their customers.

2.The cookie—those byte-sized pieces of information that help construct an identikit of visitors to websites.

3.A cookie is for everyone to take a bite from, and online retailers are not intending to share this snack with competitors. There is no such problem with an app.

4.The first major Indian e-commerce firm to go app-only was fashion retailer Myntra, earlier this year.

5.E-commerce websites subscribe to online marketers and ad exchanges to drive users to websites. The ad exchanges in turn segmenst users into groups and target ads by considering websites and products that people have previously visited or viewed.

6.But cookies are also a double-edged sword: While they can steer a customer towards a web site, they also power ads from other companies on the browser through intermediaries.

7.Whereas  the app becomes privy to the needs of its users and can hope to sell more to them over time.

” as a customer, I will be annoyed if I have to download an app to shop”.- Dinesh


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