aside Foods To Eat Before Your Morning Jog

food to eat before a jog

What should I eat before my morning jog and what quantity? Can I go jogging without breakfast? Should I have a coffee before I go out jogging? When should I start if I wake up earlier in the morning? Often these questions and others are asked by beginners who are starting morning jogging. Here are a few tips that would be helpful to you.

Make a jogging routine:

First of all, it is very important to mention that in case you are a sprinter, you should get used to waking up early and jogging before noon. It is almost a rule that races start at 10 am, so it can be a problem for those who are used to jogging after work and in the evening. That is why it is important that you adapt your body to breakfast before training, as well as going to the bathroom, so that you won’t have difficulties during the training or the race.

Breakfast before a Morning Jog:

But, what would be best for you to eat really early before morning jogging, before school or work, the one at 6, 7 or 8 am?

It is a really good question, because the morning meal before running can contribute to better results during running, but can also cause digestive problems since you run after a meal.

It is important that the meal is not too heavy and hardly digestible, but still, at the same time it should provide enough energy for the running itself, so it would prevent hypoglycemia, prostration, etc.

We are all different (we’ve heard this so many times, but it is the truth), so there isn’t one 100% right way to go about it. What’s important is that you try couple of types of meals before running:

Running without having breakfast:

Sometimes it is good that you intentionally go out running without having eaten. Since the reserves of carbohydrates from the previous day are mainly used up, running with an empty stomach in the morning will speed up the fat burning process and will be used as basic fuel. Morning training without any food eaten should be easy footing up to 45 minutes. Have a glass of water before training.

What should I eat before morning jogging

Running with a small amount of food eaten so that you can “delude your stomach”

If you really have a problem with your stomach, if you can hear it begging for some food, you can delude it with a piece of bread and a layer of marmalade, honey and peanut butter. You can have integral cookies, a banana or something similar to get some feeling of satiety.


After waking up, you can have a glass of freshly squeezed citrus fruit juice or a cup of tea with some honey. Both variants provide energy through vitamins and minerals.


It functions as a laxative, so the first time you run having had a coffee try not going too far since you’re experimenting some typical meals before morning jogging.

If you found this article useful. Feel free to share your views below in the comments section.


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