Indian Railways Launches 3 Passenger Amenity Projects.Now you get a sms alert when you are about to reach their destination

On 8th JULY, the Railway Minister Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, launched three IT based passenger amenity projects. The view is of keeping the next generation of paperless ticket system in focus.

As per the announcement, the three services that have been launched are:

1) NGeT for the Hindi website – that is, next generation e-ticketing will be available on the Hindi website from now on.

2) Destination SMS based alert services for trains like Rajdhani and Duranto.

3) Paperless unreserved ticketing through mobiles for Mumbai suburbs.

There are plans of using other languages as well. The Railway Board also hopes that this will encourage people to do online booking using the IRCTC website.
This initiative is in line with the idea of slowly eliminating the need of paper tickets. This service has been tested out in the Chennai suburban railway network and it worked out well there.
The SMS alert service, passengers will be required to submit their mobile numbers at the time of booking and an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number 15 minutes before the train is scheduled to arrive at the passenger’s destination.

This has been made keeping in mind the passengers who reach their destinations at late night.

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